How to shutdown your laptop in just a single click

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Today we are going to see how you can shutdown your PC in just a single click.

Sometime is pretty boring to shutdown your desktop by following multiple steps.. today we will show you how in a single click you can shutdown your PC.. 

So just follow the steps below…


Right click on desktop, click on new & then click on short cut. please refer the screenshot below.


After clicking just paste one of the shortcut as per your choice…

1- Shutdown /S (PC will shutdown after 1 minute with warning message).

2- Shutdown / s /t  (To shutdown your PC after a specific time. just type number with space after “t”)

3- Shutdown / p ( PC will be shutdown without any warning message)

After pasting the above command just click on next & save as the file with “exe” extension.

That’s it… isn’t that so simple.. 
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